July 17, 2010

4 down, 8 to go! I feel more awake this weekend than I usually do, maybe it's because Wesley likes to wake me up to see if I want anything. Seriously though, Wesley has been so good to me. He's outside right now doing yard that I've been trying to get done for years.

Amber got this me incredible cook, "The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen". It lists the possible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and which foods can help. They also list all of the fruits, veggies, and herbs that may help to prevent cancer. If you know anyone with cancer you should definitely get this for them. I haven't tried any recipes yet, but my Mom is making some this weekend.


  1. One-third of the way done & closing in on half-way! Let me know what you think of the fruit compote & sweet potato soup from your cookbook. I also think you should post of pic of Wesley's mohawk! Love Mom

  2. Kelli - have you decided on a new name for your blog yet? I still like the "no mo lympho" suggestion!