July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

With an emphasis on blue. I've really missed Alanna this weekend. What I want most of all is to be able to be her Mom. I wanted to decorate 4th of July cupcakes and go swimming with her. I am learning so much from this illness. So often we take our health for granted and put things off. I will come out of this a much better person than before. I will put what is most important first.
So my challenge to anyone who is actually reading this is, do something this week that you have been putting off. I don't mean do your laundry or clean out your refrigerator. I mean call your grandparents or spend time with your family.


  1. So true Kelli! Illness really teaches us to appreciate the important things which are often the simplist things like spending time with loved ones.

  2. I have a very smart daughter-in-law....and Alanna has a wonderful Mom